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Personalised and diversified creations, unique for every client. Tattoos from Québec city.


New and actual tattooing, many different tattoo styles and types of tattoos. Variety is here all contemporairy tattoo art and body art.  


Tattoos for all types and gender. Tatoos for men aand tattoos for woman. Professional Tattoo artist since 1996. Private tattoo shop the warmth and comfort of home for your tattoo projects.

tattoo pictures, new tattoo models from Quebec.

Here is a directory of different works and tattoos done in Quebec by Djuss (Justin Lanouette) over the years. These are all unique creations and none of his tattoos were reproduced or copied on the internet apart tattoos borrowed from known characters. You will find a little of everything, realism, portrait, black and grey, neo-traditional, cartoon, biomechanics etc ... Some have been done freehand as large tribals, some cover ups and last minute projects.


The styles have evolved over the years and there is variety in techniques and equipment.This is why the quality and variety are present in tattoo these days. You have to pick your tattoo and style so that it represent what you want the way you want it. Djuss successfully adapts several styles of tattoos, approaches and working techniques thanks to his studies in art and experience from working the tattoo industry for years. The different applications enabled him to diversify and become versatile in many styles. 

Styles evolve and techniques and tattoos too...