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The quebec tattoo shop...

The tattoo shop is stylish and victorian decorated style

The tattoo parlor is relatively spacious for a tatoo shop. A large living room with quadruple sofa greets you with an aquariums of 5 'in perifery to decorate with the plants and the wooden furniture.


A glass door separates you from the reception of the studio to the station of artist to tattoo. Beautiful large windows overlook the north wall of the shop with a view of the porch and outside access for breakouts. We have a sonos streaming sound system and music to infinity and at will to satisfy the customer's comfort needs, it's literally n jukebox. 

The tattoo stop is located in the heart of downtown Quebec city, in the saint John’s the baptist area of town.

Near the other downtown tattoo shops in downtown Quebec city you can find our tattoo shop and lots of Quebec downtown attractions..  The tattoo shop is quite big for a unique tattooist tattoo shop.  A gran living room with wooden furniture grants you with a 5' tall aquarium in the corner and its inhabitants. A quad couch is there to comfort you amongst the plants.  

A splendid wooden and glass door separates the greetings chamber and the tattooing studio where the tattoos are done.  The studio is quite wide and quite a few persons can fit in.  There are tall windows showing off the exterior and the balcony and the yard used for brakes and smoking.  We have a Wifi and streaming music you can choose from to comfort you while your getting your tattoo done.

Plan location of tattoo Calypso in sector

Take a hike in old quebec city cause parkings are rare in the shop vincinity especially weekends, festival days and non working hours.

The studio is right next to seant John's the Baptist churche downtown.  Parkings are quite rare although you can find some for the hour in the streets and parking meters on st-John’s street.  There are also paying parking around gotta look for them.  Busses desserve the studio quite well, (7, 28, 800, 801, etc).  The studio is located in a big 6 1/2 on 386 Richelieu street in suite 2.  2 rooms are use for the studio, the welcome and the studio.  Access to outdoors on the balcony is also available for smokers and people who want to refresh in the private yard below.  You can even make food.  The studio has a flexible schedule and can answer you within reasonable delays.  The ambiance is oldish like old 

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