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Justin Lanouette, tattoo artist since 1996…

Tattoo Calypso is an independent enterprise founded on 25 years of professional experience in tattooing, the tattoo artist has been learning since 1996..  Having evolved in Quebec and British Columbia within several professional tattoo studios like Doc Tattoo (now closed), Tatouage Toutankhamon, Atomik Tattoo, Tatouage Voltage to end up opening his very own tattoo parlor in Qcity.  Justin started in a family business that he saw sprout from it’s very first moments in Victoriaville at Carmtattoo


He then went studying after a few years of travelling in Mexico and the west coast, to study fine arts in Dawson college in Montreal.  After he obtained his college diploma, several years of work and travelling brought him to Laval university where he studied fine arts for 2 years attending the bachelors degree. 


His studies allowed him to enlarge his knowledge and competencies by combining  them with his work experience and teachings from several professional artiste like Bob Tyrell and Dave Martinez, to become the artist he is today.  Tattoo Calypso participates actively within local international conventions all over Quebec annually. 


That is why you find diversity  and someone who can adapte to the style you’re looking for.  All styles are present, all you need is to specify what you like best.  Black and gray, realism, neo-traditionnal, cartoon, new school, old school, biomechanics, polka trash etc..

The inks used are of professional tattooist quality and amongst the best on the market.  We use Intenze tattoo ink, Fusion tattoo ink, Silverback Ink and The Solid Ink.


The equipment is professional quality and the needles come pre-packed and sterilized.  We use medical quality surface sterilization products and necessary protective barriers in order to prevent blood borne pathogens diseases.  Our artists have followed the Blood-borne pathogens disease cours as a formation in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Justin Lanopuette professionnal tattoo artist. Realistic tattoo artist, Neotraditionnal tattooist Tattoois.
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