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Tattoo drawing ideas, sketches, designs and creations done in the past.

My Tattoo pencil drawings on paper.  Most of them have been tattooed

The love of black and white pencil drawings. Ipad drawingts now available.

Series of different led pencil drawings and erasable prismacolor color sketches done either buy pleasure of for tattoo projects.  Most of them became unique tattoos.  They have been drawn either in a draw book or on tracing paper.  Being busy and ending up tattooing most of the drawings imitate the final "rendu" of the drawings since it's just to give and idea and that they will be realized as a tattoo.  Color references available on demand.  The final versions are gonna be in the Tattoos section when they will be done.  The artist thinks of presenting tattoo suggestions in futur blog posts and on social media.

All of your ideas are welcomed and be the first to innovate! 

Bring your projects, references and media sources etc and it will be a pleasure to doodle a sample drawing just for you according to your taste that will never be reproduced on anybody else.  All projects are unique and personalized, we do not do reproduction.  All you have to do is to contact us and  take an appointment for a consultation either in the chat below,  via ou Facebook page.  Delays are reasonable for appointments and we will send pictures of drawing progress as they come to be done, shortly after.