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cryptopunks fuck off nft collection official page...

Punks not dead...
crypto punks fuck off

Deluxe Genuine True Punk Worries. Commemorating Punk Occupation and resistance over the Years. An Anti-war, Anti-Sexism and anti-Racism Collection... Mostly Hand Drawn the Old School Way except for some backgrounds... It's not an insult! It's just affirmation, mentality and influence. To "Fuck You" is to speak your mind and change things... So no hard feelings, its just love and fornication of ideas... Shared Values...

punks is dead

CryptoPunks Fuck Off is a collection commemorating the courage of Punks Throughout their occupation and resistance in time. The changes they made and what the good Punks Do with Love. Anarchy Peace and Equality!  Facing Nazy Punk Intrusions and smoking Cryptopunks! What an example of punk those Are!

       The Mothers and Fathers of Punk once said: Punk is Dead! They Thought that punk had been corrupted by Cash wealth and human greed, thus declaring that Punk is Dead. The Sex Pistols and The Clash were cash machines and punk was going for cash... This is to remind you that Punk is Fundamentally Anti-Capitalist and does not belong with kings and queens... Even less Princesses... Because Anyone in a position of power, will be tempted to abuse of it! (Montesquieu) So thats why Punk and Crowns don't Match silly capitalists! 

      Punks like Crass refused to commercialyse and to get famous (although by doing so, they made it to the level of Legends like Bob Marley). 

      Money and profit, are the source of over exploitation and domination in the name of prosperity but are leading to the apocalypse with global warming and pollution!
Lets Make our Beautiful Crypto world, a giving and sharing crypto world. Lets eradicate poverty and exploitation around the world with the magic of crypto. May the Kings and Queens
change this or be fucked!

Capture d’écran, le 2024-04-01 à 22.48.29.png
Incoming cryptopunk Smoke! ...

Smoking Christs? Or Choking Victims?

cryptoPunks? Or Smoking Punks?

So when i see an NFT punk with a smoke in the mouth, i get very angry about the fake model of punk, the NFTs about punks are! They actually Kill punks... People that see those smoking punks that identify themselves as punks, (or kids attracted to punks) see them smoking cigarettes and weird shit! What kind of model is that?!! What would it do is if would go back in time and paint The first popes having a Smoke!?! I Think that most of the evil in the world would have cancer from smoking cigarettes like their models... The End of Romanticism...
At least they didn't make Jesus smoke... Our Model, showing us we should suffer in serenity, complain in our mind to this god they created?... 

     Punks Smoke that much? I wasn't aware. I know they drink socially and vomit a lot... But smokes are bad for you and far too expensive for punks to adopte... Smoking is luxury... For soldiers at the front, making war, hypocrites, traitors, and shooting stars... We can't afford such luxury to smoke and don't take nonsense seriously! We don't read between lines (or eat all of this shit thus smoking the lyrics of a symphony of cephalic carnage)... And really don't care about what is cool or not, we make what's cool, get it?... D.i.Y Do it yourself! 

Punks usually take care of one and other and support each other... Is that what the Punks mean? Seeing that they make the punk smoke that much in a bold outline, makes me wonder if they are Fake and full of shit! Drunk on Johnnie Walker again! Punks usually have a gas mask nearby to prevent any jokes from smoking by... Only  pigs have the power to dominate such an addiction to self-sabotage and overcome social cancer... Punks are Anti-Capitalist silly! A Shooter and a blunt with that?

  Honestly though... I prefer to see wealthy cats (ACAB) than wealthy dogs! 
Thanks for the smoke... 
Spare some Change? 
You Have to take care of Punks cause like marginals, Hippies and Metalheads,  they all have suicidal tendencies,  Are Dirty Rotten Imbeciles in a Circle Jerk like Subhuman Rats sipping of a Rancid Tea Party Corroding Conformity in this Reality Asylum like Resistant Culture in Peroxide, Leftover Crack and Explicit Noise... Facing Impending Doom and a Global Holocaust! B.A.R.F! While awaiting the promised Apocalypse God is supposed to create for us... Prophecy said! Seek and Destroy! Just kidding...

But actually a Smoking Punk is Usually Nazy-Punks! Fuck Off!! 
And so on! 

Ask a PunK!!

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