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Choose your tattoo shop in Quebec City and the price of a tattoo in Quebec City.

Several questions can go through the head when it comes time to choose a tattoo shop.

The heart of downtown Quebec hides a small village named Calypso tattoo. If you are looking for a warm and friendly atmosphere, you are in the right place. Its living room atmosphere and large rustic apartment will charm you with its glass doors and wooden furniture.

Aquarium et décoration tatouage Calypso

The studio is clean and spacious; Almost double the space that other artists have to work in the city of Quebec. Massage table and professional tattoo chair, the equipment is of quality. All medical products are pharmaceutical and approved as surface disinfectant and cold sterilization solutions.

The area is clean.

Studio de tatouage a Quebec unité de travail

The advantage of choosing Calypso tattoo is that we can easily adapt to your schedule. We know that appointments for tattoos are rare in Quebec City. We must wait longer and longer in large studios that have no room for new customers. On our side we can arrange an appointment within the same week.

The consultations have no limits and are free.

You spend the time you want with the artist, we are not in a hurry. You can do all the research with the artist you want. We will give an overview of the different approaches available and the different styles offered. Subsequently, one requests a delay of one week to make the drawing. The project is fresh in the head of the artist so it can better interpret it for you. It must be difficult to recall the context of a project when it has been a few months since we met the client like the big studios. Here it is not. like that, we meet you shortly before hand.

Tattoo City of Quebec, price ... Ups and Downs.

tatouage ville de quebec prix

Talk about the price of a tattoo ... Especially tattoo prices in Quebec City, is something we often do. It is not clear how to value the value of such a service. Would the services of tattoo artists be overrated or in the standards. One thing is certain, is more their busy the more it costs.

A good tattoo is priceless given the artist's notoriety and the quality of the work. Art tends to be expensive, It can mean prestige. With us, we want to keep a competitive price with the market and offer the same services at 2/3 of the price on the market. Get an evaluation done, you risk staying surprised on how the prices are advantageous and the tattoos guaranteed.

Smily tattoocalypso bienvenue

So here, you will have peaceand tranquility, you do what you want, you put yourself at ease, ask for the music you want (we have an apple music subscription, an unlimited choice) while you get tattooed. There is enough place for the guests in the living room, to make it short, everything to accommodate you as well as a tattoo artist working since 1996, serving professional tattoos. You can see his portfolio here.

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