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Products and services, personalized tattoo aftercare and free tattoo consultations ...

Tattoo Salon and tattoo care supplies online.

Here we are now a hybrid, tattoo and tattoo maintenance as well a fashion clothing and more, boutique and tattoo shop. Make your choice. In addition to specializing in custom tattoos in Quebec City with an active tattoo artist since 1996, we have taken the trouble to select a multitude of natural and well-made products for the healing of your tattoo so that it heals well. The Calypso store holds several surprises.

Tattoo aftercare give it some heart Buy your creams here.

Vegan ointments, creams and soaps, natural and biological handmade.

Buy your vegan friendly tattoo balm salves

Most, if not all, of our Care products are vegan, ie, there are no animal products involved in their manufacture. Moreover, they are all biological and natural to 100%, with the exception of sunscreens, antibiotics and analgesics.

Even the soaps are handmade and natural and come from the four corners of the globe

Our professional tattoo artist, practice since 1996, ask him advice, he at the time!

Get your models and tattoo designs customized.

Unique and personnalised tattoing

Djuss, our outstanding artist, graduated in arts from Dawson College in Montreal, and will adapt to your styles and ambitions. You only have to set an appointment with via our contact page or with the form at the bottom of the page. (Note that there are 2 texting modules available to you in addition to the google map maps).

Consultations are free and we do not lack time and it's not of the essence! It is possible to get an appointment relatively quickly (see even within the same week). You can look at his drawings and tattoos under the portfolio tab in the lounge or studio section of the site.

Special attention for beards and beard care. welcome!

Beard care, oils, balms and soaps, man with beard

Beards are our friends at We noticed an increase in the beard population and the tendency of the latter to wear tattoos. We have noticed the quality of products related to beard care, balms, soaps, conditioners and oils.

Buy beard guyz gift set number 3 take car of your beard

The beard oil is remarkable and can also be used to hydrate your skin. Tattooing since they are essential and natural oils which have properties well-making for the skin. We imagine of course our faithful wake up one morning with more tattoo balm turn around resorting to his resourcefull system and using this precious reserve of beard oil on his shiny tattoo!

Here is a picture of the last treatments I paid myself, a "gift set no 3" by Beard Guyz hehe. Available in shop under the care of the beard.You will find a bit of everything and good brand of natural products and soft to the skin.

On line consultations ask a professionnal

No matter if you are preparing or if you are ready, we have the solution for you. Plan your treatments by purchasing the necessary products in advance, consult online with the tattoo artist and ask questions you want free of charge at almost any time. We have a lot of time to offer our clients and consulting to serve you well and especially prepare your project adequately.

Contact link to email tattoocalypso

Take a tour of our blog posts where you'll find relevant facts and anecdotes about the realm of tattoos and tattoos. We have classified the themes by category and by keyword, you can use the search module at the top of the page at any time. We will post regularly news and promotions.

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